The Sweet Spot makes you whole. How do you find your sweet spot?

Admitting to your own weaknesses isn’t easy. Owning all of you could be one of the most important things you do for yourself. I now call it my “sweet spot”, that place where I know I’m light and dark, all at once.


An image of the Sweet Spot

To help you get an idea of what I think the sweet spot looks like, and how to find that sweet spot, take a peak at the infinity loop I drew.

Finding Sweet Spot Sketch between mean, selfish, sad and joy, loving, generous and intelligent.

There are two sides, one dark, one light. Somewhere in the middle the loop crosses bringing with it the energy of both sides. At the center point, is the coming together of both energies: the Sweet Spot. Try tapping using these words.

I am broken yet powerful.

I am difficult yet move with ease and grace.

I am grouchy and silly.

I am ugly some days, beautiful on others.

I am everything, all at once.

Grab your wrist and make peace with the statements by saying it powerfully:  “Peace!”

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